VOTE APRIL 26, 2016

Easton Public Schools

Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical HS

Bristol County Agricultural High School

Stonehill College

Bridgewater State University

Massasoit Community College


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Historic Landmarks

Open Space

Architectural Treasures

Recreational areas and playgrounds

Borderland State Park

Natural Resources Trust Sheep Pasture

Downtown revitalization

Exceptional Education:



  • Community Compact is signed and comes with a $15,000 grant
  • New and improved budget presentation
  • Town reaches 10.09% of its Affordable Housing Inventory


  • Wastewater connection to Mansfield
  • Established Shovel Shop Pond Water Quality Committee
  • Acquisition of the Gill Property
  • Established Bicycle and Pedestrian access group
  • Tasers for Police
  • E- Permitting software online
  • Snow, snow and more snow removal plus snow
  • Hiring of New Officers
  • Hiring of New Fire/Paramedic,
  • Personnel Plan updated providing long term savings
  • Continued improvements on Main Street, pavement complete
  • Town Parking lot completed
  • Municipal Lien Auction - cash influx to town
  • Contract with Ameresco to provide energy savings
  • Financial Management Principles/Guidelines/Fund Balance Policy
  • Special Act Charter – Change of Form of Government
  • Continued updates/improvements to pavement mgmt. system
  • Negotiations with Brockton Casino
  • Reorganization to create Health and Community Services at Frothingham
  • Veterans services move to Frothingham to provide better service to veterans
  • Easton Proclaimed a Purple Heart Community
  • Review and study of parking conditions in North Easton Village
  • Change in Health insurance to GIC with savings
  • Reduction in rent to tenants of Easton Mobile Home Park
  • All union contracts ratified
  • Nexamp Solar offered to the town and residents for energy cost savings
  • Interactive Visual Budget
  • Resignation of VSO, hiring of new VSO – Easton Resident
  • Greenest of Easton awards continues to thrive
  • Queset sewer district to promote economic development


  • Negotiations with Raynham Park
  • Completion of Master Plan
  • Strategic negotiations and successful mitigation with 40B developers
  • Waste Management negotiations to include weekly recycling & additional bulky pickup
  • Creation of Economic Development Council
  • Technology enhancement - software to merge records for Public Safety
  • Economic Assessment – Dr. Barry Bluestein
  • Established Gift account for veterans
  • Grand opening of the Governor Ames Estate
  • Dore & Whittier facilities assessment
  • Affordable Housing Trust 5 year action plan update
  • Ames Shovel Works begins leasing
  • Main Street redevelopment catalyzed by the Farmers Daughter
  • Created Doing Business in Easton - a Guide to the Permitting and Licensing Process


  • Opening of renovated Queset House
  • Updated Human Resource Board
  • Improved communication with the American Legion and VFW
  • Solar Field opening
  • Millie Packard house becomes Art Gallery & home to Easton Chamber of Commerce
  • Introduction of See, Click, Fix app
  • Updated Records Management Policy
  • Completion of the Clifford G. Grant Trail Project
  • Opening of Wheaton Farm Community Gardens
  • Contract with Ameresco – providing great energy savings
  • Ongoing Development of Easton’s GIS technology systems for mapping

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